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Are you considering hardwood flooring?

Hardwood floors are an excellent choice for so many homes, and perhaps yours is one of them? It’s certainly a product that is highly sought-after, especially for its stunning appearance and excessive lifespan. If you’ve not considered this material for your home, you’ll want to find out what you’ve been missing.

The fact that hardwood can last up to 100 years is sometimes enough for a homeowner to make the jump to this product line. But there are so many more benefits available. From performance to functionality, there’s no time like now to find out more.

Things you should know about hardwood floors

Of all the pros and cons surrounding hardwood flooring, the most important thing to know is that you can’t use them in basements or any other room that is below grade. An alternative in these areas, if you want to remain in the product line, would be engineered flooring, which stands up better to humidity and temperature changes.

Another very important fact is that these materials must be acclimated before installation. This process cannot be skipped if you want the best results for your flooring. Installed wood flooring before acclimation is complete could create warping, buckling, or splitting. In other words, you’d have to replace it right away.

Once you have the basics covered, you can move on to the personalization of your flooring. Choose the perfect species, a stunning stain color, and a finish that truly performs in your home. With species selection, talk with your provider about your traffic level and the species that best meets that need.

Concerning stain and finish options, your flooring associates can give you detailed information on how to use each to your benefit. Be sure to visit at your convenience.

Here’s your hardwood flooring provider

For those in the communities of Myrtle Beach, Little River, North Myrtle Beach, Horry County, and Brunswick County in NC, The Wholesale Flooring provides a variety of solutions for all your flooring needs. With amazing materials and award-winning services, you should visit us to find out how we can assist you.

Stop by our showroom at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina today to see all of our many product lines, hear about the services we offer, and experience the true customer satisfaction every flooring consumer should have access to. We stand ready to take on your flooring project of any size.