Format sizes can change your luxury vinyl flooring

Format sizes can change your luxury vinyl flooring

Many factors can change how your luxury vinyl tile and plank look and perform. If you need specific visuals or performances, learning more about them

is worth your time.

Considering each format choice, you'll have a broader range of flooring types available. Here are some considerations as you prepare to buy and remodel.

Plank and tile sizes

When choosing the plank variation, widths can range from three to 48 inches for excellent variety. These lengths can also vary, from two to 12 feet, helping to create a perfect look in every room.

LVT flooring, or tile formats, also comes with a wide variety, with many of the same designs you might find in standard tile flooring. Subway tiles are another format that provides excellent options, too, so shop with care.

Why do sizes matter in luxury vinyl?

Choosing the right size matches your existing décor scheme, furnishings, and ambiance in every room. Some sizes make large spaces feel cozier, and some make small places feel more prominent, with stunning results.

Be sure to pair specific sizes with colors that match your LVT flooring need, mainly when catering to room size. Light colors expand a space, and dark colors draw it in, adding more to the size options.

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