How to Choose The Best Beach House Flooring Options

How to Choose The Best Beach House Flooring Options

Summer’s right around the corner, which means you may be having dreams of the oceanside and a nice beach house. If you’ve got property in need of renovation before summer hits, you may be wondering about beach house flooring.

Beach house flooring can be a personal decision, and it’s limited only by the bounds of your creativity!

Ready to see an array of great options for flooring your beach house? Read on and find out!

Laminate in Beach Houses

Your first thought when it comes to laminate might be how dated it is. You might think of a kitchen floor in your childhood home, the laminate tearing up at the corners. And those hideous colors. Why would you ever pick it for your beach house flooring?

Laminate has actually gone through a transformation. No longer is it the cheap, tacky choice for flooring. It’s still inexpensive, but it’s durable and vibrant.

Regardless of what type of beach house flooring you’re looking for, laminate probably has you covered. You can use it to mimic hardwood, or you can make an elegant tile pattern.

Think of it: tropical colors in your kitchen. Or maybe you’re more nautical and enjoy the blues and tans. Laminate gives you either of those vibrant options.

Laminate offers great moisture resistance and feels durable. If you’re in the mood to install your new flooring yourself, laminate makes that easy. Finally, something you can actually DIY accurately!

Laminate offers several options that may be difficult to find elsewhere. Whatever finish you’re looking for, laminate has it. If you’re looking for a conditioned look (distressed, weathered, antique, etc.), new types of the laminate are popping up every day to give you the look you’re going for.

Hardwood for Beach Houses

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more classic when it comes to your beach house flooring.

Hardwood flooring gives your beach house an expertly polished look. It’s elegant, it’s smooth, it’s sturdy. And best of all, it’s low maintenance.

You’re probably in vacation mode before you even get in the car to travel to your beach house. Even though you have responsibilities to take care of, your mind is probably switched off and drinking margaritas on the shore.

Hardwood floor is very easy to clean, requiring little more than a quick sweep to keep it looking great.

You also have options when it comes to hardwood floor, particularly if you choose unfinished wood. You can choose from numerous stain options, but you will have to sand and finish the wood after installation.

Pre-finished wood is probably the most convenient bet. It’s finished prior to installation, and you can use your room less than 24 hours after it’s installed.

Tile for Beach Houses

While many beach houses are situated on hot, steamy shores (hey, it makes sense!), tile may be the beach house flooring option that keeps you the coolest.

Since tile is so smooth, it offers you a great, stylish, low maintenance option for the floor of your beach house.

Clay-based ceramic tile is fairly all-purpose. You can have it all through your home without it looking strange or out of place.

The great thing about ceramic tile is how customizable it is. You can choose an array of colors and patterns to make your beach house flooring truly unique! It’s also great for areas that are prone to moisture.

Given that your beach house is likely situated on the water, we think your entire house qualifies.

Also, clay-based ceramic tile isn’t your only tile option!

Stone tile also exists, but keep in mind that it may not be appropriate to use it as flooring material in your beach house.

Another issue with stone tile is the fact that sometimes, they just don’t hold up to moisture as well as ceramic. While granite is super durable, other types can warp when exposed to water or moisture.

However, it is possible to install these with the help of some epoxy and grout.

Stone tile also doesn’t offer the customization options that ceramic tile tends to. It can also become expensive very fast, and you’ll have to anticipate the stone for the amount of wear you think it will get.

Vinyl for Beach Houses

You may get stomach-turning images of disrepair when it comes to vinyl, but just like laminate, it’s undergone some enhancements over the years!

Vinyl is very durable, and it’s easy to clean. This makes it a great option for beach house flooring.

Not only that, but vinyl comes in several different varieties and types. This enhances your customization options, meaning that your beach house can look just as fresh and creative as you want it to!

Rotogravure vinyl has a knobby texture. While it can come in colors and patterns, that will be printed only on the finished side. While the texture is unique, keep in mind that it can be difficult to keep clean.

Inlaid vinyl is probably a better choice. Patterns and colors will be visible through the material, and it’s more durable than the former type. This means that it’s easy to keep clean, and it’ll look great for years to come!

Sheet vinyl is probably the most popular choice. Its customization options are practically limitless!

Vinyl tiles are similar to ceramic tiles, except for the material they’re created out of. It’s important to keep in mind regarding vinyl tiles that the seams between the tiles can collect dirt. These openings are paper-thin and therefore difficult to keep clean.

It’s also possible that moisture could seep into these small openings and damage the flooring beneath the vinyl.

What Beach House Flooring is Right for You?

As you can see, there’s no limit to the options when it comes to flooring for your beach house.

Keep in mind the look you’re going for! Your floor is an important part of your house’s overall vibe and atmosphere, so you’ll want to pick something to reflect that.

A well-laid floor can take your beach house from “basic” to “perfect” very, very quickly. If you have any questions, ask the experts!