The Best Flooring Options for Rental Properties

The Best Flooring Options for Rental Properties

Rental homes have a heavy turn-over rate which leads to rigorous wear and tear for your flooring.

This can easily become a turn-off for potential renters.

What do you do?

A homeowner’s best bet is to look for floors that are both stylish and durable.

Not sure where to start?

No problem!

Here are some great flooring options that are sure to catch your renter’s eye!

Affordable Flooring Options

Looking for some flooring that isn’t too costly, durable enough to handle a constant turnover of renters, and still capable of wowing?

Well, look no further, here are some great options for your Myrtle Beach home!


This natural and renewable material is a great flooring option for your rental home!

With exceptional durability, resistant to abrasion and cracking, and anti-microbial materials, this flooring option won’t give you too many grievances.

Especially with the lifespan of 40 years.

Cork flooring is also great for renters.

Acting as an insulator for both temperature and sound, there won’t be any need for the renters to worry about wasting money with air conditioning leaving the house.

Because of the insulation properties, cork is a great substitute for carpet on second floors, especially with renters trailing in sand and saltwater.

For renters with children, cork flooring has a natural softness that prevents injuries from accidental falls. This is a great detail that will surely put some parents’ minds at ease!

Although cork floors are great, there are a few drawbacks. Cork flooring typically needs to be installed by a professional and is more expensive than other options. This flooring is not ideal for those with pets and can discolor if exposed to the sun for too long.

Choosing to go with cork flooring may mean a smaller list of potential renters (those without pets). But resistance to fire, mold, termites, and mildew means you can keep an amazing floor around for much longer!


Vinyl is well-known among affordable flooring options. The simple installation process, variety, and durability make it a great choice for homeowners who want to keep down costs.

Vinyl comes in both tile and sheet forms with many different colors, designs, and styles– so there is always going to be something to fit your decor needs.

Plus, with minimal maintenance required and a lifespan of 15 to 20 years, the floor will outlast your renters.

Although this option is great, affordable, and easily installed, there are a few drawbacks to vinyl flooring. These drawbacks include the presence of polyvinyl chloride found in flooring tiles and sheets, as PVC is known to emit volatile organic compounds after installation.

But, if you’re looking to save even more money, the self-adhesive backing allows for easy installation, making it a great DIY project!


The laminate floor used to be considered a “cheap” option, but not anymore. With modern advances, laminate has become a popular alternative to hardwood floors!

Plus, with easy installation, a variety of colors, and resistance to mold and bacteria, the laminate can be installed all throughout the house!

The performance of laminate is very similar to that of hardwood floors, meaning the sand your renters track in shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But, even though the two flooring options are similar, laminate does not have the same feeling underneath bare feet. Although small, it’s something to consider when choosing your floors.

Also, laminate flooring can be damaged by water, so putting laminate flooring down in the bathroom may not be the best idea.

Engineered Wood

The closest flooring option to hardwood without actually being hardwood is engineered wood flooring. It’s resistant to both moisture and humidity while remaining environmentally friendly.

The installation and repair of engineered wood flooring is easy enough, allowing you to get that hardwood floor look without spending too much money.

However, engineered wood is known to be more expensive than tile, laminate, and carpet. But if you consider the versatile use, stability, and variety of engineered wood, it could be worth the extra cash.

More Luxurious Flooring Options

For renters looking for more luxurious and high-end options, consider these ideas:

Wide Plank

Similar to engineered wood floors, the wide plank flooring option will give your home a feel of elegance, comfort, and old-time charm. The visual appeal of the wide plank floors has caused a growth in the demand.

The wide plank, although typically associated with rustic houses, can easily complement nearly any interior design. Whether you are going for a vintage look or an industrial look, wide plank is a great option to give your house a sense of warmth and comfort.

Although simple to install, the wide plank option is not for homes that have small rooms or are located in areas of high humidity.

Like all natural wood, wide plank floors are known to expand and contract depending on humidity. It is also known to be more costly than other flooring options.


This environmentally friendly flooring is great for those looking for a sleek, modern look.

Overall, there are three types of bamboo flooring:

  • Vertical: which gives a more uniform striped look.
  • Horizontal: the type typically associated with bamboo flooring, it will show the “knuckles” of the bamboo in the grain.
  • Strand Bamboo Flooring: the hardest and most expensive option which mixes the grass fibers together, interlocking them.

All three options are simple to clean and as durable as traditional hardwood flooring. It is a great alternative, however, you must make sure the bamboo flooring you buy is top-quality. Look for flooring that comes with a substantial warranty, as this typically means that the flooring is good quality.


Traditional and durable, classic hardwood is definitely for the high-end homes. Maintaining hardwood floors is not an easy task, though.

Hardwood floors are susceptible to expanding and shrinking depending on humidity levels. To combat this, renters would need to use a humidifier during hotter seasons to keep the humidity between 35% and 55%. Getting renters to follow this, however, is not a guarantee.

Furthermore, hardwood floors are susceptible to scratches. All it takes is the vacuum’s brush head, sharp shoes, or a pet’s nails to scratch your hardwood floors.

But, hardwood is great for appealing renters. The warmth and beauty of hardwood is a seller for nearly everyone.


Consider your options when looking to improve your rental home.

Although many people overlook the floors, great flooring helps pull the house together, taking it from a house and making it a home!

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