Not all hardwood flooring options are the same! We’ve created the ultimate guide to hardwood flooring to help you make the right decision. See it here!

If you’re thinking about installing hardwood flooring it can be a great idea. Hardwood floors transform existing spaces and help to update older homes.

We love the look and clean lines hardwood floors can provide in almost every space of the home.

But it’s important to realize not all hardwood flooring options are the same. There are distinct advantages and disadvantages of different types of hardwood floors.

Before you start pulling up that old wall-to-wall carpeting or peeling off your laminate tiles, make sure you know the best type of flooring options for you and your home.

We can help. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to hardwood flooring to make your renovation great.

Let’s find the perfect flooring for your home.

Here we go:

Pre-finished or Unfinished Flooring?

There are distinct advantages of both pre-finished and unfinished hardwood options. A professional flooring expert can help you find the best option for you and your home.


Pre-finished floors are easier to install and faster to use. You won’t have to have them stained after installation, making the entire process move faster.

Plus, staining unfinished floors creates fumes in your home. You may have to vacate for a while as the floors dry. You can avoid the safety concerns and the waiting bu choosing pre-finished floors.

While homeowners used to be limited by relatively few stain colors to choose from, there are continually more options in pre-finished flooring options.

Even then, you may want to choose an unfinished floor installation to find a specific tone.


Unfinished hardwood floors make it easier to create an exact match for the tones in your home. For instance, if you have unique cabinet colors in your kitchen that you want to accent, unfinished may be the way to go.

Also, if your space is a unique space you may opt for unfinished flooring. While you can customize pre-finished floors, strange shapes and alcoves may be better suited for unfinished floors.

With unfinished floors, your installation will include sanding down and sealing the floor with stain treatments.

Dark or Light?

One of the more interesting trends in hardwood floors is a move toward darker tones and stains to make spaces more contemporary. Darker floors show the grain of the wood better than lighter tones do.

Lighter tones create a more classic look though. Plus, they are less likely to show unsightly scratches.

This means lighter tones require less maintenance. However, if you are looking for the latest in beautiful home trends, a dark tone can accent your space dramatically.

Plus, they are less likely to fade over time than lighter tones are.

Types of Hardwood Floors

Not all wood is created the same when it comes to flooring. The different materials can make a major impact on price, quality, and durability.

Solid Wood

Solid wood floors are just that. They are made of a solid piece of wood and can be more durable than engineered wood.

This is because solid wood can withstand years of sanding and refinishing.

There is a great variety in the price and quality of solid wood floors though. for example, rosewood and teak are beautiful but can be very costly.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is often made up of a composite of the same type of wood. Because it is engineered, this type of flooring is resistant to warping and contraction after installation.

Negatives of Hardwood Floors

For many, hardwood floors are a great option. But there are negatives to consider before making your final choice.

Hardwood floors can retain cold in the winter and make spaces harder to keep warm. They are also prone to damage from spills, scratches, and water damage.

Hardwood floors require a different level of care and maintenance than other flooring options as well. You may have to frequently clean your hardwood floors to keep up their great appearance.

Return on Investment From Hardwood Flooring

But with the work and expense of hardwood floors comes a great return.If you are considering hardwood floors you won’t just enjoy the beautiful accents to your home. You will also be creating value in your real estate investment.

If you are considering hardwood floors you won’t just enjoy the beautiful accents to your home. You will also be creating value in your real estate investment.

Some designers credit a hardwood installation as being a key part of raising the overall value of a home. In one renovation that included hardwood flooring, the homeowner was able to more than double his ROI.

Get Professional Installation

If you are thinking about installing hardwood flooring you should seriously consider getting professional help. In most cases, it’s the least expensive option.

Professional flooring installation means having experienced technicians with the right tools and know-how to get your floors installed right the first time.

Did you know that hardwood flooring installation is one of the projects homeowners most often regret doing themselves?

With home improvement and renovation shows all over television, the internet, and blogs, many homeowners incorrectly believe they can do professional work easily. Their mistakes are often costly ones.

A survey of homeowners revealed that almost 40 percent of homeowners who completed a home improvement project on their own in the last 3 years ended up regretting it.

Having a professional do the work can save you time, money, and trouble. And if you are worried about finding the right installation technicians, you don’t need to.

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