Flooring can add a “pop” to the design aesthetics and value of the home. The choice of low maintenance flooring is endless which makes it a tough decision during the build of the home or renovation.

Choices are influenced by:

  • The theme based on location, personal preference, and needs & wants
  • Accenting features including furniture and factors of the interior design
  • A need for durability while holding a unique visual appeal
  • Aligning to a budget to get largest “pop” without breaking the bank

But there is another choice worth considering: low maintenance floors.

Consider the abuse your floor will see:

  • Scuffs
  • Dusts
  • Cracks
  • Spills
  • Environment

A floor that catches your eye on home improvement shows would look fantastic but it’s important to remember your location. A home in Myrtle Beach, for example, will be under constant stress from the heat and humidity!

Low maintenance floors in these tropical regions need less upkeep.

You’ll spend the time enjoying your home due to the quick-and-easy routine of dry mopping and sweeping. Your choice may also reduce the slipperiness which is all-too-common for these areas due to tracking in water and humidity.

So what options are best if you’re in a tropical environment? Which are the low maintenance floors you need? Let’s take a look…

Eight Best Options for Low Maintenance Floors

The following flooring options are a baseline to help you make the best decision for your needs & wants. Yet, there are extra factors based on personal preferences (some of which we’ve mentioned) yet on you.

We encourage you to consider each of the following, ask for samples, and take the time to decide. This is a big commitment!

Here are the types to consider:

1. Hardwood

Hardwood is classic.

This design creates an elegance like none other. It introduces a rustic yet polished look. It can be stained in any which fashion to match the design of the home thus making it a go-to choice for flooring.

As for being a low maintenance floor? Easy.

Modern hardwood is finished and sealed in a manner which requires maintenance few and far between. A dry mop or duster will get the job done.

Though hardwood does come with a cost so be sure to check the brands.

2. Cermaic

Want to go one easier? Choose ceramic. Tiles, that is.

Ceramic tile fits every type of room due to their variance in color, patterns, and textures. They are hard to scuff and easy to clean. A bit of vinegar and water is often all you need to clean these areas!

Ceramic tile can be inexpensive. It’s easy to lay down (making it fantastic for those DIYers) while remaining a quick job for professionals.

3, Tile

The quintessential of low maintenance flooring: tile.

Tile comes with a few problems such as being susceptible to cracks due to weight. Should this be a deal breaker? Certainly not.

Tile goes for most rooms of the house. It blends with every choice of interior design features. It’s the easiest to clean out of the bunch due to its non-porous makeup.

Grout stains and surfaces can be cleaned with household items like baking soda and water or a bit of bleach. How’s that for ease?

4. Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is a tough choice.

Vinyl gives you the ability to select any design. Vinyl flooring can take the look of hardwood, tile, and stone.

Yet, can be damaged from scraping and the usual wear and tear. It’s low maintenance as long as you’re not rough it.

5. Porcelail

Porcelain is a step up above tile.

The pieces are less porous and have a higher water resistance. They’re good for absorbing heat or staying cool. Pieces match stone varieties without too high a pricing — a between with tile and stone.

It’s best to choose a glazed porcelain flooring to avoid chipping. This way you can keep it low maintenance while retaining a high-quality look to the home.

6. Contrete

Concrete is a durable flooring choice. It requires infrequent mopping few and far between once it has been sealed.

The design keeps the locations (bathrooms or countertops) free of bacteria while remaining an attractive choice. Concrete can be mixed with various shades to meet design choices — it creates a modern yet rustic look to any space.

Concrete can be mixed with various shades to meet design choices — it creates a modern yet rustic look to any space.

7. Laminate

Laminate flooring is one of the easiest to clean — plus one of the cheapest.

You get the look of hardwood flooring without the troubles. Though, you can expect some buckling if you’re not careful. A dry mopping or light use of cleaning chemicals will do best. Don’t go overboard.

Overall? It’s a great start especially if want an immediate bump in property value or plan to upgrade later on.

8. Stone

Stone will come at a higher price because of the matching and amount required to create even surfaces for the areas.

Yet, stone will handle almost anything throw at it. It’s resistant to the wear and tear of normal usage. You need not worry. It looks amazing while sticking to the low maintenance requirements.

This is a flooring type that flows great with carpeting if the color is right.

Choices, choices! There are many choices when looking for low maintenance floors. Yet the design does not need to be a stressor. It’s a big decision but now you’re knowledgeable on the topic. The choice you make will be stellar — no doubt!

One more thing…

To Each (Room) Their Own

Unless you’re particular then you’re going to choose a variety of flooring options based on the rooms of your home.Overdoing the variety can cause a jarring appearance. Great designs work on the “rule of three“. This is the principle to keep colors, textures, fabrics, and all other elements of interior design to a group of three.
  • Consider form and function
  • A seamless flow between rooms
  • Natural “breaks” from room-to-room

You’ll have a mix of living space, family areas, and personal locations within your home. Do a case-by-case breakdown of which flooring works best for the areas to please these design elements.

Confused on the direction to go?

Get in touch with our experts for a free estimate and evaluation. We will find the ideal selection of flooring for you every needs and desire!